Brownie Sessions

Let’s be Horse Friendly Try It Badge

Brownies will visit our ranch and see how horses are groomed and cared for.
A horse or pony will be used to show 10 principle body parts.
Learn about three different breeds of horses and discuss how they are different.
Learn about horse markings and colors
Each brownie will get to ride the horse around the arena.

Cost: $35 per Brownie ($350 minimum) (1 hour)

 Giddy up and go Try It Badge

They will take a tour of the farm
We will explain how you feed a horse and what they eat.
They will learn how to properly feed a horse a carrot or treat.
A riding instructor will demonstrate the correct way to mount and dismount a horse. They will learn how to get a horse to walk, stop, and turn.
They will learn what to wear while riding a horse and how it can keep them safe.

We will teach them how to groom a horse. They will get to experience how a horse’s coat feels.

We will explain how to “tack up” a horse. We will show both a Western and an English Saddle.

Cost: $50 per Brownie (1 1/2 hour)

To reserve your Scout Troop’s Time a $100 deposit is required & Signed release forms are required for each student and must be in our possession before the session begins. No child will be allowed on a horse without a signed release from its parent. Students must also wear long pants and closed toe shoes. To schedule your sessions and receive a release form, contact our office at (925) 212-6534.

Riding Registration Form

Riding Release Form