Farm Policies and Information


We are a year round private riding academy (except February we close and parts of the summer for summer programs) and are excited to have you on as a student!!!! We have a great “community” of riders and we happy to have you on as a part of the Jelich Farms Family

Cancellation and Make-Up Policy:

Lessons are billed out on a monthly basis for prepayment for your weekly scheduled time for lessons. If you have plans to be gone for a weekly lesson, please let Jennifer know ASAP or at the beginning of the month of which the lesson is going to be missed. If a student cannot make their weekly spot, there will be a limited number of opportunities available during the month to a make-up for a missed lesson and I will do my best to schedule another time or trade with another student. You can always email me also because sometimes things open up at the last minute. I try to accommodate where possible.

  • If a student cannot make it to any available make-up spots or if they have all been taken during the month, the lesson does not carry forward into the next month.
  • One make-up session is allowed per month.
  • If less than 24 hours notice is given that a lesson will be missed, the lesson cannot be made-up.
  • Make-up lessons must be taken by student enrolled in riding academy (no family members, friends, etc).

Major holidays weeks will not be billed for lessons (Labor day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Week, Christmas week, February vacation, Easter, 4th of July).

Required Riding Attire:

All students are must have:

  1. Riding boots
  2. Helmet
  3. Riding Breeches
  4. Hair tied back out of face

Where to get riding gear: Complete Equestrian

1 Fletcher Rd  Bedford, MA 01730

(781) 275-0233

Mention that you are a Jelich Farm student and receive a 10% discount. I recommend getting the “starter package” which includes helmet, boots, and breeches (riding pants).

General Information:

Learning to groom and tack the horse for a lesson for beginners/new entrants to the barn is apart of the lesson. The instructor will deem when student can arrive early to prepare horse before the lesson (about 20 minutes early).

Lessons are expected to start on time. Students are expected to prepare their horse for lesson. If students are too young to tack on their own (usually students under 11), tacking will sometimes go into their lesson.

Please always drive 5mph on the property for safety reasons and park in front of house and barn.

No unaccompanied minors are allowed to be dropped off with students (i.e friends, siblings, etc.). All nonstudent minors must have supervision by a parent or babysitter over the age of 18.  


Weekly lessons will be billed out once a month via invoice for prepayment of scheduled lessons during the month. Payment is due at the first lesson of the month and online payments are the preferred payment option. There will be a link to online payment service in email with invoice that will be sent out the first of the month. If paying by check, there will be a $15 service fee for not using online option. Please make check to Jennifer Jelich and put into tack room mailbox.

Payments received after the 15th of the month will be charged a $25 late fee.

There will be a $30.00 fee for any returned checks.

General Information:

Our riding school is one of the best in the county and has at least a six month – two year waitlist to get into and therefore we want serious equestrians that are committed to making their regular lesson time and dedicated to equestrian activitied. Additionally, there are very large operating costs associated with having a riding school and depend on regular attendance to stay in business. Horses cannot be “turned-off” or put in “park.” They continue to need to be fed, shoed, vet care, cleaned-up after, etc.

Weather Policy:

Horseback riding lessons are weather permitting. If the weather is inclement, we will hold lessons inside the barn or house. This will give the students a chance to learn about the numerous different topics of horsemanship and horse husbandry which is essential for a well-rounded horse education. At Jelich Farms, we strive for students to learn “Horse Mastery” which includes lectures and on the ground topics so students are expected to attend unmounted lessons. Please check your email during severe weather, as occasionally we do cancel inside barn time.

The riding portion of lessons may be cancelled in heavy rain, snowstorms, icy conditions, extreme humidity or wind. We will try and ride in most cases but won’t be possible in some of the above cases. Please come prepared and wear layers and gloves in cold temperatures. Bring plenty of water, dress in cool, cotton clothes in heat. Riding portion of lessons may generally be cancelled in temperatures less than 10 degrees and over 100.

If lessons are to be cancelled, I will send out an email on the lesson day. Please call my cell phone to check the status of lessons or cancel. Jennifer’s Cell: 925-212-6534.

Discontinuing Lessons:

If a student decides that they will to forfeit their weekly spot, a student from the waitlist will be signed into our program in their current spot. If the forfeiting student would like to continue into our program at some point in the future they will be put on the distribution list for the wait list.