Girl Scout Badge Sessions

Due to COVID-19, we will be postponing all parties until Spring 2021.  Stay safe everyone!

 At Jelich Farms, we make earning a girl scout badge a fun, educational, and interactive time. Troops are typically put into smaller groups for more hands on experience and badge sessions can be tailored to suit each troops needs. Please email with any Questions.

Happy Scout Testimonials:

“Thank you so much for making the last two Sunday afternoons an absolute pleasure for us.  Every girl, bar none, had an amazing time.  You are a wonderful teacher and I am so appreciative that you made every girl in our GS troop feel special, gain confidence and learn, all while having a wonderful time. Thank you!” –Lynn Conners

“Thanks so much for taking on our troop yesterday!  The girls loved it.  My co-leader Diane was thrilled that you had them doing hands-on activities the whole time, even when they weren’t riding.   She hates it when a few kids are doing something and the others are standing around just watching them.  Andi & Lee  were great with the kids, and the other helpers in the arena were great too. — Suzi Lubar

“I just wanted to let you know what a great time the girls had on Sunday.  They were so excited when they left.  They felt like they had learned a lot and they had fun at the same time. Also, please let your assistants know how much I appreciate their time and enthusiasm.  It is fantastic for them to see young women who are following their own passions and providing service at the same time.” –Shelly Wharton

To reserve your Scout Troop’s Time a $100 deposit is required and the cost is $50/child (minimum of $500) & Signed release forms are required for each student and must be in our possession before the session begins. No child will be allowed on a horse without a signed release from its parent. Students must also wear long pants and closed toe shoes. To schedule your sessions and receive a release form, contact our office. We can also tailor a program to suit your troops needs.

Badge Activities to choose from:

  1. Get Ready to Ride
  2. Equipment Expert
  3. In Good Form
  4. Clips, Combs, and More
  5. Ride On
  6. Horses, Safety, and You
  7. Horse Anatomy
  8. New Skills
  9. Perfect Your Form
  10. Horse Show



What we will cover (with approximate times needed for each activity):

Activity # 1 “Get Ready to Ride”:

Learn to saddle & bridle a horse and the two main types of riding styles

Activity # 3 “In Good Form”

Learn to mount a horse correctly

Learn to dismount a horse correctly

Learn the Aids for communicating to the horse what you want him to do

Learn proper posture and seat position on a horse

Activity # 4 “Clips, Combs, and More”

“Examine” the grooming tools used on horses and learn what each is used for

Learn how to use the brushes and currycombs

Learn how to brush a horse before saddling

Learn how to safely walk around a horse

Activity # 5 “Ride On”:

Learn and perform group skill riding in the arena

Learn and demonstrate a walk, turn at a walk, and stop from a walk, on command

Learn and demonstrate a trot while on the line and practice balance; rhythm, and while at the trot.

Activity # 7 “Horse Anatomy”

Learn the principal parts of a horse

Activity # 6 “Horses, Safety, and You”

Learn safety regulations for riding, and equestrian etiquette

Total Time: 1.5- 2 hours

Cost: $50 per Scout    Minimum of $500/ troop