Horse Summer Program 2018

Beginner Program General Info:

Our summer program will be horsemanship based and each student and students will partake in daily barn chores including cleaning out stalls, grooming, bathing, feeding, etc. Students have daily lessons typically in the mornings and the afternoons.  Lessons will be filled with horsemanship related activities such as learning to saddle, halter, lead, first aid, fun contests, and horse painting!  We will also have the occasional non horse related activities such as water fights, hide and seek, etc. The idea of  this week is to give students an idea of what it takes to own and care for their own horse.

Advanced Program General Info:

The Advanced program will also include day to day care of horses and riding lessons which typically take place in the mornings. More advanced horse husbandry topics will be covered as well as fun and interesting challenges for the advanced horse riders!

How to sign up and cost:


Send me an email requesting an application and I will shortly email one back to you. You can scan or mail back application and I will send you an email with a secure link to send a payment for non-refundable deposit to hold your spot for our summer programs. .

Cost of each program is $595.00 ($570 Jelich Farms Student).  A $245.00 non-refundable deposit is due with registration.

Summer Program dates below:

Hours are 9am-3pm Monday-Friday

July 16th-20st   Beginner Program or Some Previous Riding Experience   FULL

July 23rd-27th  –Intermediate Program- Jelich Farm Student or Previous Riding Experience  Must beable to walk/trot competently on own and handle horse competently on the ground.  Outside students must come for evaluation lesson or recommendation   







Lexington Ma Mass